IMPS procedure in SBI and associate banks

SBI (State Bank Of India) and its associates (SBT, SBM, SBP, SBBJ, SBH)  lately started IMPS facility for their clients in the country. With the debut of IMPS, anyone can move funds from their State Bank account to other IMPS enabled bank account instantly ( a daily limit of 50000 INR is applicable) using new-age mobile services. The basic and essential step to get started with IMPS is equipping your account with mobile banking.

All State banks use the same platform and technology for IMPS. Although I mention SBI here in this article, you can follow this method everywhere.

In SBI network you can enroll for Mobile banking right from your handset by messaging MBSREG to 567676 (Charged at RS 2 p/SMS).
The query will return a MPIN and username.
Then go to any SBI ATM  and from choices in the machine, opt for mobile banking and IMPS registration, and complete the process as per the instructions. You will get an unique MMID number (required for IMPS) when you confirm your mobile number.  You can also change MPIN from the ATM terminal if required.

SBI IMPS fund transfer procedure:

1. Through SMS

2. Using Mobile application or SBI website.

SBI has a newly introduced mobile app called State Bank Freedom and is freely available for download. Get the right version for your mobile phone, install it and go through the procedure given below.

State Bank Freedom

Click on Fund Transfer. In next window, select IMPS-Mobile-to-Mobile Transfer.
IMPS transfer in SBI freedom appEnter the details of the transfer as required. You’ll need the MMID of the receiving account holder to execute the transaction, along with his/her mobile number. After logging the amount and picking the right SBI account, click OK. In the next step, they’ll ask for your Mobile PIN number. Provide it; and the transfer has been initiated.

IMPS Transfer (video) in SBI, SBT, SBM, SBP, SBH, and SBBJ.

I forgot the MMID for SBI IMPS transfer-how to recover it?

Recover SBT IMPS MMIDSend a message in the above mentioned format from your registered mobile number. You will get an instant  SMS reply form the SBI server with the MMID number.