State Bank Freedom mobile banking app: activation and download links

In search for a mobile banking app that efficiently works with your “State Bank” account? State Bank Freedom is exactly what you need: it’s the official mobile application of the State Bank Group associates like SBI (India), SBT (Travancore), SBM (Mysore), SBH (Hyderabad), SBP (Patiala), and SBBJ (Bikaner and Jaipur). All State Banks share the Freedom app as a common mobile business platform, and when it is installed on your device, you can access, manage and operate the account benefits offered by these banks without having to open your computer every time.

State Bank Freedom Mobile application

State Bank Freedom Mobile application
Before you can use the State Bank Freedom, there is a registration process, which you have to follow, to activate mobile banking on the phone number and the device you’re planning to use it on. An Internet connection is not mandatory for accessing basic State Bank mobile services, but you might need one for activating and using State Bank Freedom on high-end handsets like iPhone, Android phones, Windows Phone, Symbian and BlackBerry. There is also a Java (JAR) edition of the application which I tested on my Nokia N73 for writing this article.

Mobile Banking in SBI, SBT, SBP, SBM, SBBJ and SBH.

Every State Bank account must be linked to a phone number, and all new customers can opt for mobile banking during an account initiation proceeding. If yours is an old account which doesn’t have the hand-held services enabled, go to the Bank and apply for the same. It may take up-to seven days for the bank to change the mobile number or to add a new one to a customer profile. You will get a message once it gets processed; if not, carry-out an ATM transaction, and check whether you receive transaction alerts, which is a part of the mobile banking. Now, let’s talk about the activation part.

My principal account is with SBT (State Bank of Travancore); however, the approach I explain here is apposite to all the State Bank account holders using the Freedom software. Activation is somewhat different in feature phones and old devices that only accept JAVA apps, but it is straightforward and easy to follow on smartphones.

  • From your mobile phone, send an SMS in the format given below to get a onetime user-ID and mobile PIN (MPIN) from the State Bank servers. These credentials provide you a temporary access to the State Bank Freedom application.State Bank Freedom activation number

Download State Bank mobile banking app

  • The next step is to download a State Bank Freedom variant suitable for your device. At present, a native State Bank Freedom app is available for the following mobile operating systems and phone brands.

Apple iPhone 5s, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 owners: Download State Bank Freedom from iTunes Store.

Those who are using Android Phones from Samsung ( Galaxy, Note, Grand, Quattro, Core, Trend), HTC One series, LG (Optimus, Google Nexus), Sony Xperia, Micromax (Canvas, Doodle), Huawei, Jionee, iBall, Karbonn, may download State Bank Freedom from Google Play Store.

Download Windows phone version of the State Bank Freedom for Nokia Lumia, and other devices here.

BlackBerry phones do have a State Bank Mobile app; however, the software is not listed in BlackBerry World as the new BB OS 10 does not have Java support. If yours is an older device, you may try this download.

Apart from this, there is a generic version of the State Bank Freedom, designed for a broad range of mobile phones that have Java (.JAR apps) support. It is distributed as a separate download for basic and high-end Java phones- you have to select one that your phone is compatible with. High-end version of the app may require bigger memory, screen size and other resources. For instance, Nokia Asha, Samsung Metro series are examples for high-end Java phones, at the same time, Nokia 113 is a basic phone. Make use of a USB cable or MicroSD card to transfer this app to your mobile and click the installer to install it.

Check the alternative options listed at the end of the article if none of the downloads suits your mobile phone.

State Bank Freedom: Mobile Phone activation steps.

  • Once you have the software installed on your phone, find its icon and open it. Click on the login and enter the temporary user-ID and password that you’ve received earlier. At this stage, the app will alert you with a message, to modify your provisional MPIN with something new; do it accordingly. If it doesn’t, look for the settings menu of the app and find for the option that let you change the MPIN.

Some versions of the State Bank Freedom, mostly the generic Java edition supports SMS as a channel for transactions, and SMS would be the default mode of operation when you set it up on a phone for the first time. Refer the following video if you want to change the operating channel to GPRS in such devices.

  • After this step, visit an SBI/SBT/SBM/SBH/SBBJ/SBP ATM center to complete the activation. At the ATM, insert your State Bank debit card, enter the PIN number, and find “Mobile Registration” from the options- click on “Registration” and then enter the required mobile number in the box provided. Your confirmation activates the mobile banking and Freedom app on the submitted number.

We have been using the State Bank Freedom for a while, and we are largely positive about its features.

The Good:

Its a universal application compatible with all State Bank of India associates.
Works over WAP, GPRS, and SMS channels.
Mobile recharge and IMPS facility. (Check the procedure for IMPS)
Simple interface enhanced for slow internet connections.
There is an app for all category of customers.

The Bad:

The application is not fully in sync with the Internet banking account. Even if you’ve authorized third party beneficiaries in your State bank SB account through the internet banking, you’ve to add it separately to the Freedom application when you begin with the mobile banking.
Pretty boring UI design except for the iPhone and the Windows versions.
No option to check credit card related information. (SBI Card holders have a separate application for this.)

Alternative to State Bank Freedom application

So what if State Bank Freedom is not compatible with your phone, or you just can’t have it activated on your number? What to do when there is no Internet connection to run the Freedom app? Try the State Bank SMS banking codes given below.

State Bank SMS Banking codes

The SMS banking codes should be sent to the number 9223440000 or 567676.

State Bank Group is planning for a merger in the coming years, and if it happens the transition of the Mobile services to the new bank would not be a hassle for the customers of SBI, SBT, SBM, SBP, SBH and SBBJ; the Freedom app could be used just as it is at present.